Table 1: Characteristics of 21 adult patients with myeloid sarcoma.


143MLN/spleenM2CML/BP49, xy, t(9;22), t(12;18), +8, +19, +20
237FPleuraM4AML/M446, xx
337FPleuraM0AML/M046, xx/47, xy, t(1;3), del5, +8, +3, +4, −12
445MLNM0normal46, xx/45, xy, t(7;11), t(12;18)
523MCNSM2AML/M246, xy, t(9;22)
664MCNSM4AML/M446, xy
728FVulvaM5AML/M546, xx, t(3;11)(p21;q23)
821FLumbar spine-extraduralM4AML/M446, xx, t(8;21), +8, −7
972MLNM4AML/M446, xy
1076FLNM2normalNot available
1143MMediastin-al LNM5AML/M546, xy, i(1), t(1;1), −2, −5, −6, +8, −11, −12, −15, −17, −19, −22
1254MSkinM2AML/M246, xy
1335MHead of femurM4AML/M446, xy
1477MOrbitM2normal46, xy/47, xy, t(1;3), +15
1563MMediastin-al LNM2normal46, xy/49, xy/50, xy, +2
1643MPleuraM2normal46, xy
1739MPerianal skinM4AML/M446, xy
1834MCNSM1normal45, xy, t(9;22), −7 *
1973MLN/spleenM1normal47, xy, del5, −3, −7, +22
2069FPleuraM2AML/M246, xx
2131FSkin mass (groin)M4normal46, xx

Abbreviations: FAB: French-American-British classification; BMBx: bone marrow biopsy; M: male; F: female; LN: lymph node; CNS: central nervous system; CML/BP: chronic myeloid leukemia/blastic phase; AML: acute myeloid leukemia.
*Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RQ-PCR) test for t(9;22) in the bone marrow was negative.