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Metal-Based Drugs
Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 73-77

Antitumour Organometallics. III. In Vivo Activity of Diphenylantimony(III) and Diorganotin(IV) Dithiophosphorus Derivatives Against P388 Leukemia

1Anorganisch-Chemisches Institut der Universität Heidelberg, In Neuenheimer Feld 270, Heidelberg 1 D-6900, Germany
2Facultatea de Chimie, Universitatea "Babes-Bolyai", Cluj-Napoca RO-3400, Romania

Received 18 August 1993; Accepted 9 September 1993

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Diphenylantimony(III) and diorganotin(IV) derivatives of dithiophosphorus ligands, i.e. Ph2SbS2PR2 (R′ = Ph, OPr-i) and R2Sn(S2PR2)2 (R = n-Bu, Ph, R′ = Ph; R = Ph, R′ = OPr-i), have been screened against P388 leukemia in mice. All the compounds showed marginal activity towards this tumor system, some of them increasing the life span of the animals with more than 20%. The best results were obtained with (di-iso-propylphosphorodithioato)diphenylantimony(III) which exhibited a T/C value of 136%, at a dose of 5 mg/kg, administered on days 1,2 and 3 after tumor transplantation.