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Metal-Based Drugs
Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 63-66

Anti-Tumor Activity, In Vitro and In Vivo, of Some Triphenylphosphinegold(I) Thionucleobases

1Experimental Chemotherapy and Pharmacology Laboratory, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, East Melbourne 3002, Victoria, Australia
2Department of Chemistry, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide 5005, South Australia, Australia

Received 12 January 1996; Accepted 19 January 1996

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The [Ph3PAu(6-MP)] complex, where 6-MPH is 6-mercaptopurine, is active against the cisplatinresistant cell line, mouse leukaemia L1210/DDP, as is the precursor compound [Ph3PAuCl], suggesting that the thiolate is not critical for activity. Against the human cell lines, FaDu (squamous cell carcinoma) and SKOV-3 (ovarian carcinoma), both [Ph3PAu(6-MP)] and [Ph3PAu(6-TG)], where 6-TGH is 6-thioguanine, were active. [Ph3PAu(6-MP)] was active against a murine PC6 plasmacytoma, but not as active as cisplatin.