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Metal-Based Drugs
Volume 5, Issue 6, Pages 355-359

Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Activity of Thienoyl- and Furanoyl-Derived Schiff-Base Compounds With 3d Metal Ions

Received 21 October 1998; Accepted 11 November 1998

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Cobalt(ll), copper(ll), nickel(ll) and zinc(ll) metal complexes of 2-carboxybenzylidene thienoylhydrazide HL1 and 2-carboxybenzylidene furenoylhydrazide HL2 of the type [M(L)2.Cl2] have been prepared where M = Co(ll) and Ni(ll) and L = HL1 and HL2 (Fig 1) and characterized by their physical, analytical and spectral studies. The different mode of chelation of the ligands with metals and the effect of these metals on their biological properties is discussed.