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Metal-Based Drugs
Volume 5, Issue 5, Pages 305-312

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Diaqua(1,10-Phenanthroline-N,N′)(Thiosulfato-O,S)Manganese(II). Biological Properties.

1Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania
2Laboratoir de Cristallochimie Bioinorganique, Faculté de Pharmace Paris Xl, Châtenay-Malabry, paris, France
3Laboratoire de Biochimie, Hôpital Armand Trousseau, Paris, France
4Laboratoire de Chimie Générale, Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie, Poitiers, France
5Laboratoire de Microbiologie Industrielle, Faculté de Pharmace Paris Xl, Châtenay-Malabry, paris, France
6Laboratoire de Cristallochimie Bioinorganique, Faculté de Pharmace Paris Xl, 5, rue Jean-Baptiste Clément, Châtenay-Malabry, Cedex, Paris 92290, France

Received 23 June 1998; Accepted 10 July 1998

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The synthesis of diaqua(1,10-phenanthroline-N,N′)(thiosulfato-O,S)manganese(ll) [Mn(phen)(S2O3)(H2O)2] was investigated. Its structure was determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction from 2418 reflections (I > 3 σ(I)) to a final value of R = 0.047 and Rw = 0.054. Crystal data are as follows : space group P21 ; a = 10.356(3), b = 7.097(3), c = 20.316(2) Å, β = 94.29(2)°, V = 1489.1(8) , Å3, Z = 2. There are two independent title compounds in the asymetric unit. Each manganese atom has a distorted octahedral Mn(SO)N2O2 geometry with the S and O atoms (from two neighbouring thiosulfate ligands) mutually trans, two N atoms from the 1,10-phenanthroline ligand and two water oxygen. The thiosulfate group behaves as a bridging ligand, connecting, through sulfur and oxygen, Mn atoms related by the binary b translation, thus forming infinite chains running parallel to this axis. Infrared and electronic spectra are reported.