Table 2: Results of protein structure by PROCHECK and VERIFY 3D.

Leishmania long-chain fatty acyl-CoA ligaseT. thermophilus long-chain fatty acyl-CoA synthetase (1ULTA)

Residues in most favoured regions521 (87.9%)405 (90.0%)
Residues in additional allowed regions62 (10.5%)43 (9.6%)
Residues in generously allowed regions7 (1.2%)2 (0.4%)
Residues in disallowed regions3 (0.5%)0 (0.0%)
Number of nonglycine and nonproline residues593450
Number of end-residues (excl. Gly and Pro)2155
Number of glycine residues (shown as triangles)4848
Number of proline residues2634
Total number of residues669687
Residues with Verify 3D Score >0.252.24%96.63%
Errat overall quality factor44.15489.655