Table 1: FDA approved protease inhibitors. Key protease resistance mutations sourced from the 2011 data review of HIV drug resistance by the international AIDS society USA [23].

Protease inhibitorYear of FDA approvalKey resistance mutations

Saquinavir1995G48V, L90M
Ritonavir1996Used for boosting
Indinavir1996M46I/L, V82A/F/T, I84V
Nelfinavir1997D30N, L90M
Fosamprenavir1999I50V, I84V
Lopinavir2000V32I, I47V/A, L76V, V82A/F/T/S
Atazanavir2003I50L, I84V, N88S
Tipranavir2005I47V, Q58E, T74P, V82L/T, N83, I84V
Darunavir2006I47V, I50V, I54M/L, V76V, I84V