Research Article

The RASSF1 Gene and the Opposing Effects of the RASSF1A and RASSF1C Isoforms on Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis

Figure 1

Breast T47D and lung NCI-H1299 cancer cells stably transduced with MLV backbone or MLV vectors containing HA-RASSF1A or HA-RASSF1C overexpress the transduced protein as judged by western blots using HA-antibody. T47D-BB = T47D transduced with MLV backbone, T47D-1A = T47D overexpressing HA-RASSF1A, T47D-1C = T47D overexpressing HA-RASSF1C, H1299-BB = NCI-H1299 transduced with MLV backbone, and H1299-1A = NCI-H1299 overexpressing HA-RASSF1A, H1299-1C = NCI-H1299 overexpressing HA-RASSF1C.