Research Article

The RASSF1 Gene and the Opposing Effects of the RASSF1A and RASSF1C Isoforms on Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis

Figure 5

(a) These breast or lung cancer cells overexpressing RASSF1A or RASSF1C were treated with TNF-α and cell lysates were used to assess MST1 phosphorylation. RASSF1A overexpression increased pMST in both breast and lung cancer cells, and RASSF1C overexpression slightly reduced pMST in breast cancer cells but had no effect on pMST in lung cancer cells treated with TNF-α. (b) Overexpression of RASSF1C appears to reduce and RASSF1A appears to increase total MST levels compared to control. The blots shown represent one of three independent experiments.