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Error Rate Comparison during Polymerase Chain Reaction by DNA Polymerase

Table 1

Published fidelity (error rate) values for DNA polymerases used in this study. Due to the numerous methodological and analytical differences among studies, values are often reported as ranges. Furthermore, the references listed are meant to provide representative, but not necessarily exhaustive, documentation for error rate values. All values are given using Taq as the reference (1x).

EnzymePublished error rate (errors/bp/duplication)Fidelity relative to Taq References

Taq 1–20 × 10−51x[4, 7, 9]
AccuPrime-Taq, HFN/A9x betterVendor website
KODN/A4x better, 50x better[13, 14]
Pfu 1-2 × 10−66–10x better[4, 15]
Phusion Hot Start (HF buffer),
(GC buffer)
>50x better (HF buffer),
24x better (GC buffer)
[16], Vendor website