Table 8: Pairwise comparisons of birthweight means across gravidity versus placental malaria subgroups.

95% CI
Pair 1 versus Pair 2Difference in mean birthweightStd. errordf -valueLowerUpper

active active−427.6155.51.006−732.5−122.8
no infection−247.6116.21.033−475.3−19.9
no infection active−265.3131.51.044−523.1−7.5
active past508.1204.21.013107.9908.3
past no infection−328.0176.01.062−673.117.0

Pairwise comparison of estimated birthweight marginal means. The mean difference is significant at the 0.05 level. Comparisons were made for all possible subgroup combinations but only significant combinations are included in the table. G1 = primigravidae; G2 = multigravidae.