Research Article

Efficacy of Eosin B as a New Antimalarial Drug in a Murine Model

Table 1

Percent suppression activity in CBA/J mice with a single dose of drugs as per Peters four-day suppressive test in group A.

Parasitemia ip
dosage 96 h
Suppressive activity
ip 96 h
Mean survival time
in days in ip mice
Parasitemia op
dosage 96 h
Suppressive activity
op 96 h
Mean survival time
in days in op mice

Eosin 100 mg/kg14.5%27.5%1413%48%15
Eosin 200 mg/kg13%35%1512%52%16
Eosin 400 mg/kg10%50%167%72%19
Eosin 800 mg/kg7%65%195%80%21

Results were significant as analyzed by ANOVA .