Table 2: Complementary log-log regression model on sociodemographic determinants of malaria.

VariablesModel 1Model 2Model 3Model 4

Mother’s level of education
 No education (ref.)
Religious affiliation
 Christian (ref.)
 Akan (ref.) 1.00
Mother’s marital status
 Never married (ref.)
Wealth status
 Poor (ref.)
Region of residence
 Western (ref.)1.001.00
 Greater Accra1.3381.451
 Brong Ahafo2.922***2.992***
 Upper East2.262**2.325**
 Upper West1.993*2.080*
Type of place of residence
 Urban (ref.)1.001.00
Age of mother
 15–19 (ref.)1.00
Age of child
 >12 (ref.)1.00
Sex of child
 Male (ref.)1.00
Ownership of mosquito net
 No (ref.)1.00

Source: computed from GDHS, 2008; ref.: reference category; *, **, and ***.