Neuroscience Journal / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Detecting Silent Vocalizations in a Locked-In Subject

Table 2

Results of analysis of lower beta band peaks during Silent Singing. PSD% and frequencies are listed as the average result of all trials. “Latency” indicates the time (sec) after the speak onset signal in which the beta peak was evident. Minimum time segment indicates the period in which the beta peak was still visible.

No. Peaks during singPeak latency (secs)PSD%Peak frequency (Hz)Minimum data time segment (ms)

Tone C5
 Session 164.920.47915.5300
 Session 271.440.60714.7231
 Session 394.140.51715.3185
Tone C4
 Session 133.170.67313.8183
 Session 244.750.51516.3163
 Session 383.170.41215.4272
 Session 121.500.34916.0375
 Session 215.500.90115.1150
 Session 333.300.58214.6283