Figure 2: Effects of BDNF treatment on the number of NIIs in the hippocampus of wild type and R6/2 mice. Confocal laser scanning microscopy images of single-label immunofluorescence for NII marker (EM48). Single-label immunostaining was employed in the CA1, CA3/2 and DG fields of hippocampus of vehicle treated R6/2 mice and BNF-treated R6/2 mice (4 mg/day) at 13 weeks of age. Of note is the lower density of EM48-positive NIIs in the BDNF treated R6/2 mice. Quantification of NIIs in vehicle or BDNF treated R6/2 mice. There were no NIIs detected in hippocampus of wild type mice, so this group was not included in the statistical analysis. Scale bar 50 µm (confocal scanning microscopy images were acquired using a 20x objective for DG and a 40x objective for CA1 and CA3.