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Nonlinear Gravitoelectrostatic Sheath Fluctuation in Solar Plasma

Table 1

GES versus MHD stability analyses.

S. no.ItemsGES stability analysisMHD stability analyses

1ModelIdeal hydrodynamicMHD

2Plasma-boundary wall interaction and sheath formation mechanismIncludedNeglected

3Effect of charge separationConsideredNot considered

4Floating surface (at which no net electric current)InvolvedNot involved

5Magnetic fieldNot considered
( | 𝐵 S S B | 7 . 5 3 × 1 0 1 1 T )
Considered ( | 𝐵 Θ | 1 . 3 0 × 1 0 6 T )

6DescriptionTwo-scale (SIP and SWP)One scale (SWP)

7Sonic rangeSubsonic (SIP) and supersonic (SWP)Supersonic (SWP)

8Self-gravity (SIP) and external gravity (SWP)ConsideredNot considered

9Transonic transition (subsonic to supersonic)Involved (through SIP and SSB interaction process and thus transformed into SWP)Not involved

10Analytical solutionBounded (SIP)Unbounded (SWP)

11Thermal speciesMaxwellianSingle fluid (MHD)

12Surface description and specificationYes (at 𝜉 = 3 . 5 𝜆 𝐽 ) and it is negatively biased (with 𝜃 𝑠 1 . 0 0 kV) at the cost of thermal loss of SIP electronsNot precisely, but the diffused surface is electrically uncharged and unbiased

13Source of nonlinearityPlasma fluidityLarge-scale dynamics

14Source of dispersionDeviation from quasineutrality and self-gravityGeometrical effect (also, some part of physical effect)

15Source of dissipationWeak collisional effectsViscosity and magnetic diffusion

16Sun and SWP couplingConsideredNot considered

17Nature of solutionsMainly shocklike structures in the lowest ordered perturbed GES potentialSoliton and shocklike structures in the lowest ordered perturbed density and velocity

18Solar atmosphereNot stratifiedStratified (into a number of heliocentric layers)

19Adopted techniqueStandard reductive perturbation technique (about the GES equilibrium)Standard multiple scaling technique (about the MHD equilibrium)

20Convection and circulation dynamicsNot treated (for idealized simplicity)Treated

21Leakage processTaken into accountNot taken into account

22Main applicationSurface origin of the subsonic SWP and its transonic flow dynamicsSolar chromospheric and coronal heating

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