Table 2: Frequency of particular types of distribution of the vacuolation, surviving neurons, glial cell nuclei and prion protein ( P r P s c ) deposition across the cortical laminae in the cerebral cortex of cases of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sCJD) and variant CJD (vCJD).

Type of distribution

FeatureCase 𝑁 NS RD 𝑈 𝑀 𝐿 𝑈 > 𝐿 𝑈 = 𝐿 𝑈 < 𝐿

Vacuoles sCJD43610304785
Neurons sCJD434519001230
Glia cells sCJD42110037012
P r P s c sCJD31432013423
Diffuse P r P s c vCJD551032107661
Florid P r P s c vCJD511411616661

N: number of neocortical regions studied, NS: no significant difference in density with laminar depth, RD: restrictive distribution, sparing the superficial laminae and the region adjacent to white matter, U: upper cortical laminae, M: middle cortical laminae, L: lower laminae.