Research Article

Role of Apoptosis in Rabies Viral Encephalitis: A Comparative Study in Mice, Canine, and Human Brain with a Review of Literature

Figure 4

Intense immunolabeling of hippocampal pyramidal cells in canine brain naturally infected with street rabies virus (a) are negative for apoptosis by TUNEL labeling (b). Few inflammatory cells in nuclear area of medulla oblongata are labeled by TUNEL technique (c). No neuronal apoptosis noted in these anatomical areas. Pyramidal neurons in human hippocampus from a case of paralytic rabies infected by street virus showed viral antigen (d) in the absence of TUNEL labeling (e). (a: Immunoperoxidase x40; b: TUNEL ×160; c: TUNEL ×400; D: Immunoperoxidase ×40; E: TUNEL ×160.)