Table 1: Components of the SWI/SNF complex and their biological roles in colorectal cancer.

SWI/SNF components in mammals
MembersGene Biological relevance References

BRMSMARCA2(i) Mutated or lost in CRC cell lines[45, 46, 49, 54]
(ii) TSG

BRG1SMARCA4(i) Mutated or lost in CRC cell lines[4850, 52, 53]
(ii) EMT in CRC
(iii) TSG

BAF170SMARCC2(i) CRC?[46, 47]
(ii) ESC self-renewal pluripotency

BAF155SMARCC1(i) CRC?[46, 47]
(ii) ESC self-renewal pluripotency


BAF47SMARCB1(i) CRC?[46, 5558]
(ii) TSG

SWI: mating-type switching; SNF: sucrose nonfermenting; BRM: brahma; BRG1: brahma-related gene-1; BAFs: BRG- and BRM- associated factors; TSG: tumor suppressor gene; CRC: colorectal cancer; HLTF: helicase-like transcription factor; EMT: epithelial mesenchymal transition; ESC: embryonic stem cells. CRC? indicates a yet unknown role in colorectal cancer.
Note: representative SWI/SNF components are shown; at least 15 subunits have been described in mammals so far.