Review Article

New Evidence-Based Treatment Approach in Behçet's Disease

Table 2

Summary of evidence-based algorithmic treatment for mucocutaneous Behçet’s disease.

1st line *Topical: Antimicrobial agents, Sucralfate, Corticosteroids, Pimecrolimus
Systemic: Colchicine, Colchicine + Benzathine penicillin

2nd line *Topical: Anti-inflammatory agents, Amlexanox
Systemic: Corticosteroids, Dapsone, Azathioprine, Thalidomide

3rd line *Topical: Anaesthetics, Silver nitrate
Systemic: Zinc sulfate, Rebamipide, Pentoxifylline, Methotrexate, Cyclosporine-A, IFN-α, Anti-TNF-α

*Since the effectiveness of topical treatment is generally limited to the application area, it should almost always be associated with systemic therapy.