Table 1: Prevalence of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) in other central sensitivity syndromes (CSS) conditions.

CSS condition*% prevalence of FMS (mean)% prevalence of FMS (range)Reference no.

Irritable bowel syndrome40.720.0–65.0[9, 1114]
Temporomandibular disorder23.713.0–52.0[9, 1519]
Headaches (all)26.310.0–40.0[9, 2023]
 Tension-type headache29.723.0–36.4[9, 23]
 Migraine16.010.0–22.0[21, 22]
 Mixed38.236.4–40.0[20, 23]
Interstitial cystitis15.412.0–22.4[9, 2427]
Chronic fatigue syndrome55.215.6–80[9, 28, 29]
Vulvar vestibular syndrome23.415.6–31.2[30, 31]
Gulf War syndrome17.6 2.0–33.8[3234]

*Prevalence of FMS in other CSS conditions with a single study has been discussed in the text.
Mixture of tension-type headache and migraine.