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Central Sensitization and Perceived Indoor Climate among Workers with Chronic Upper-Limb Pain: Cross-Sectional Study

Table 4

The relationship between pressure pain threshold (PPT) of the different muscles and chronic pain. We found no significant influence of job function, age, or smoking habits on PPT for either of the muscles.

Dependent variable: PPT
Model 3Model 4Model 5
Tibialis anteriorExtensor carpi radialis brevisInfraspinatus
LS mean95% CI value (-value)LS mean95% CI value (-value)LS mean95% CI value (-value)

Status0.0023 (9.99) <0.0001 (26.42)0.0006 (13.03)
 Chronic pain805701–910639554–725573494–652
Job position0.1021 (2.35)0.1500 (1.95)0.7458 (0.29)
 Meat cutter806721–891763694–833635571–699
 Meat packer877751–1003694591–797655561–750
Smoking0.0593 (3.67)0.1830 (1.81)0.0980 (2.81)

Statistically significant association between the PPT of respective muscle and status (chronic pain versus pain-free control) ().