Table 1: Characteristics of 26 patients who had combined rhinoplasty and FESS.

PT no.AgeSexAPPRhinoplasty procedureFESS procedureTimeEBL

122FCS, H, OL: E, M7620
222MCS, STR: M4515
329MCS, OR: M, E, F6410
444MCS, CS, TG, CCG, ABR, DG, ACGB: M, E, F143100
523MCS, OB: M, E, CB5425
623FCS, H, O, CSB: M, E8830
724MCS, VSR, CSR, TRB: M, E5015
848FOTG, BT, ACG, ALLXB: M, E, SP, F234175
927FCS, CS, H, O, STB: M, E, SP, FR, CB16515
1027FCS, TR, H, O, CS, CSRB: CB90150
1125MCS, TR, H, O, CSRB: M, E, SP, FR115150
1240FCS, H, O, CSRR: CB10015
1326FCS, H, TRL: CB5410
1430FCS, H, OB: M, E, SP, FR6210
1550FOS, H, ST, VSR, CSR, TG, CG, ACGB: M, R, SP, FR27760
1661FCS, HB: M, E, SP, FR5815
1724FCS, ST, CS, CCG, NLB: M, E, SP, FR9030
1837FOS, H, O, CS, TG, TRB: M, E16810
1951FCVSR, CSRB: M, E, SP, FR6110
2038FCH, O, CS, TG, CSR, TRB: M, E, SP, FR12830
2131FCS, H, ST, CS, AR, NLP, CT, TRB: M, E, SP, FR20810
2226FOS, H, ST, CS, TG, AR, ASOB: CB18830
2323MCS, SGB: M, E, SP, FR555
2423MCS, SG, LCAEG, SO, TRL: M, E12150
2521MCS, ST, CS, VSR, TG, CT, LCAEGR: CB10310
2624MCS, SG, TRB: M, E, SP, FR5431

APP: approach; C: closed/endonasal approach; O: open; C: closed; S: septoplasty; H: hump reduction; O: osteotomies; ST: strut; CS: cephalic strip resection; ABR: alar base reduction; CG: composite graft; ACG: auricular cartilage graft; VSR: vestibular skin resection; CCG: caudal columellar graft; DG: dorsal graft; TG: tip graft; CSR: caudal septal resection; TR: turbinate reduction; NLP: nasolabial plumping graft; AR: alar rim graft; CT: columellar thinning; ASO: anterior septal overlap graft; SG: spreader graft; LCAEG: lateral crural abutment extension graft, R: right; L: left; B: bilateral; E: ethmoidectomy; M: maxillary antrostomy; SP: sphenoidotomy; FR: nasofrontal exploration; CB: concha bullosa resection.