Table 1: The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Burns Unit.

Protocol: Biobrane for Superficial Partial Thickness Facial Burns

(1) Select a suitable burn
 (a) Superficial partial thickness
    (i) Blistering
    (ii) Blanching
 (b) Senior review
(2) Apply within 48 hours of burn
 (a) Limit infection
 (b) Theatre and staff availability
 (c) General anaesthetic
(3) No contraindications
  (a) Burn related
  (b) Comorbid conditions
  (c) Haemodynamically stable
  (d) Use of porcine product
(4) Use Gray-Rode Technique
 (a) Endotracheal tube Stabilisation
    (i) Nasogastric tube and cable tie
    (ii) Looped around hard palate
 (b) Reference [5]
(5) Clean well
 (a) Chlorhexidine or Betadine
 (b) Saline
 (c) Versajet if required
 (d) Chloromycetin ear drops
(6) Apply at stretch
 (a) Dull side down
 (b) Single piece preferably
 (c) Reduce seams
 (d) Histoacryl/Dermabond/plasma to secure
(7) Dressing and cover
(8) Nasogastric tube feeds
(9) Review at 48 hours
 (a) Trim if not adherent
 (b) Remove if infected
(10) Await spontaneous separation/healing