Table 1: Advanced wound dressings.

Protective dressingsNotes

 GauzeInexpensive; readily available
 Impregnated gauzeNonadherent; preserves moisture
Antimicrobial dressings
 Antibacterial ointmentsReapply often to maintain moisture
 Iodine basedAbsorbent; not for use with thyroid disorders
 Silver basedMany forms; broad spectrum; low resistance
Autolytic debridement
 FilmsOcclusive; allows exchange of gasses
 HydrocolloidsNot for exudative or infected wounds
 HydrogelsRehydrates to soften dry wounds
Chemical debridement
 Papain/ureaAvailability issues in US
 CollagenaseSelective debridement
Absorbent dressings
 FoamAbsorbs moderate exudate
 HydrogelsAbsorbs minimal exudate
 HydrofibersAbsorbs heavy exudate
 AlginatesAbsorbs heavy exudate