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Helping Hands: A Cost-Effectiveness Study of a Humanitarian Hand Surgery Mission

Table 3

DALY averted.

AgeRemaining life expectancySexDiagnosisProcedureDisability Wt.DALYLikelihood of permanent disabilityLikelihood of treatment successDALY averted

Day 1
1977.27FTendon adhesionL wrist exploration w/tenolysis FDP0.0241.854480.70.70.9086952
21670.3MFinger flexor tendon injuryR index finger Hunter rod placement0.0241.68720.70.70.826728
32660.41MFinger flexor tendon injury and nerve lacerationR FPL repair w/tendon grafts; nerve repair with sural nerve graft0.1368.215760.70.74.0257224
46027.81MPosttraumatic joint contractureR long finger PIP joint arthrodesis0.0240.667440.70.70.3270456
56820.68FTrigger fingerR LF trigger finger release0.0240.496320.70.70.2431968
6383.23FFinger flexor tendon injuryL ring finger FDS/FDP-Hunter rod implant0.0241.997520.70.70.9787848
71373.29MCubitus varusL lateral closing wedge osteotomy of supracondylar for cubitus varus0.0130.952770.70.70.4668573
81472.29MPolydactylyB/l thumb partial duplication repair; anlage excision0.0130.939770.70.70.4604873
94739.9MLipomaExcision of L forearm mass 0.0291.15710.70.70.566979
105730.55FTrigger fingerR IF and LF trigger finger release0.0240.73320.70.70.359268
111175.28MBurn scar contractureL forearm excision of burn scar; STSG0.0181.355040.30.70.2845584
121274.28MBurn scar contractureR hand thumb webs space deepening with split thickness skin graft 0.0241.782720.30.70.3743712
132165.36FPartial traumatic amputationL RF amputation completion0.031.96080.70.70.960792
143056.46FNerve lacerationNerve graft L ulnar nerve; anticlaw tendon transfer0.1367.678560.70.73.7624944
153452.52MSkin contractureL middle PIP contracture release and skin graft0.0241.260480.70.70.6176352
164739.9MRadius and ulna fractureORIF L radius/ulna0.0652.59350.30.70.544635

Day 2
17878.26MMetacarpal fractureR LF pinning of metacarpal fracture0.0241.878240.70.70.9203376
181175.28MCubitus varusR supracondylar osteotomy0.0130.978640.70.70.4795336
192165.36MBurn scar contractureR IF burn contracture release; FTSG0.0181.176480.70.70.5764752
204541.8MPosttraumatic joint contractureL index and long finger PIP fusion0.0241.00320.70.70.491568
214838.95MCarpal tunnel syndromeL carpal tunnel release0.0652.531750.70.71.2405575
225136.12FGanglion cystExcision of R wrist mass0.0291.047480.70.70.5132652
236721.55MDupuytren's contractureL hand excision of Dupuytren's contracture0.1142.45670.70.71.203783
24581.25MBurn scar contractureR hand burn contracture release0.0181.46250.70.70.716625
25779.26MPolydactylyReconstruction of R thumb polydactyly0.0131.030380.70.70.5048862
261967.34FTumorExcision of L hand mass0.0291.952860.70.70.9569014
272165.36MTumorExcision of bony tumor ×2 of L humerus0.0291.895440.70.70.9287656
283155.48MDorsal ganglion cystExcision of ganglion cyst0.0291.608920.70.70.7883708
294244.71FNonunion radiusRepair nonunion radius0.052.23550.70.71.095395
305631.47FDe Quervain's syndromeDe Quervain’s release0.1143.587580.70.71.7579142
3111 mo85.21MThumb hypoplasiaR thumb amp, and pollicization0.0131.107730.70.70.5427877
322363.38MBurn scar contracturePIP arthrodesis; debulk flap0.0241.521120.70.70.7453488
333353.5MBurn scar contractureContracture release of all fingers R hand; flexor tendon division0.1146.0990.70.72.98851
343749.58FHook nail deformityV-Y advancement L index fingertip 0.0130.644540.70.70.3158246
354838.95MDupuytren's contractureL little finger arthrodesis and k-wire for palmar scar revision w/FTSG0.0240.93480.70.70.458052

Day 3
36878.26MFlexor tendon injury2nd stage flexor tendon reconstruction; removal hunter rod and tendon graft from leg to finger0.0241.878240.70.70.9203376
371076.27FScar contractureL hand scar revision; tenolysis; removal of k-wire0.0241.830480.70.70.8969352
382066.35MFlexor tendon injury with nerve lacerationRepair flexor tendons wrist with tendon grafts, ulnar nerve repair with sural nerve graft0.1369.02360.70.74.421564
395532.38MCarpal tunnel syndromeR carpal tunnel release0.0652.10470.70.71.031303
40581.25MSyndactylySyndactyly release L 4th web space0.0241.950.70.70.9555
411769.32MThumb hypoplasiaR thumb opponensplasty; R 1st web deepening; R thumb UCL reconstruction0.1147.902480.70.73.8722152
421868.33MForeign body with ulnar neuropathyExcision of foreign body L hypothenar eminence; neurolysis ulnar nerve0.0654.441450.70.72.1763105
432363.38MForeign bodyBullet removal ×2 R hand0.0241.521120.70.70.7453488
443452.52MRadial head fractureL radial head excision0.0653.41380.70.71.672762
454442.77MPosttraumatic joint contractureL LF, RF, and SF PIP joint fusion0.0241.026480.70.70.5029752
464938MExtensor tendon lacerationTendon transfer for thumb extension PL → EPL0.0240.9120.70.70.44688
472066.35MFlexor tendon injuryZone II IF, MF, and RF hunter rods0.1147.56390.70.73.706311
482264.37FPosttraumatic joint contractureL LF PIP joint arthrodesis0.0241.544880.70.70.7569912
492264.37MPosttraumatic joint contractureL thumb IP fusion0.0241.544880.70.70.7569912
504739.9MShoulder lipomaExcision of R shoulder lipoma0.0291.15710.70.70.566979
516126.91FGanglion cyst and ulnocarpal abutmentR dorsal ganglion/L matched ulnar arthroplasty0.1143.067740.70.71.5031926

Day 4
52581.25MBurn scar contractureR hand burn scar contracture release; FTSG0.0181.46250.70.70.716625
533254.49MFlexor tendon injuryR FDS → FDP transfer 2–50.1146.211860.70.73.0438114
546027.81FGanglion cystL dorsal wrist excision of ganglion cyst0.0290.806490.70.70.3951801
556126.91MFinger flexor tendon injuryL wrist ECRL to FDP; transfer of w/palmaris graft0.1143.067740.70.71.5031926
566523.29FL ulna nonunionORIF with iliac crest bone graft0.051.16450.70.70.570605
571076.27MSyndactylyRelease syndactyly 2nd and 4th web spaces with flaps and grafts0.0241.830480.70.70.8969352
582462.39MMalunionR thumb MCP joint arthrodesis0.1147.112460.70.73.4851054
593551.53FNerve lacerationTendon transfer for L wrist extension and thumb extension; FCU → ECRB, PL → EPL0.1367.008080.70.73.4339592
603848.6MNerve lacerationR forearm sural nerve graft0.1366.60960.70.31.388016
6110 mo85.21ML MF-RF syndactylyL MF-RF syndactyly release0.0242.045040.70.71.0020696
621769.32MMalunionThumb osteotomy and alignment-ORIF; removal of foreign body thumb0.0161.109120.70.70.5434688
631868.33MFlexor tendon injuryL forearm FDS → FDP tendon transfer0.1147.789620.70.73.8169138
642858.44MRadial nerve lacerationTendon transfer radial nerve palsy; FCR → EDC; PT → ECRB; ring sublimis → EPL0.1367.947840.70.73.8944416
654244.71FCarpal tunnel syndromeL carpal tunnel release0.0652.906150.70.71.4240135

Day 5
661472.29MFlexor tendon injury with nerve lacerationR FDS/FDP ring and small finger tenorrhaphy and digital nerve repair0.1148.241060.70.74.0381194
672363.38FBurn scar contractureL hand burn scar contracture release0.0181.140840.70.70.5590116
685037.05MRadial nerve lacerationTendon transfer of radial nerve palsy; FCR → EDC; PT → ECRB; ring sublimis → EPL0.1365.03880.70.72.469012
69977.27FBurn scar contractureWeb space deepening and scar revision0.0181.390860.70.70.6815214
701670.3FMalunionR RF MCP arthrodesis0.0241.68720.70.70.826728
713155.48FGanglion cystExcision of R wrist dorsal ganglion0.0291.608920.70.70.7883708
724739.9FUlnocarpal abutmentL ulnar shortening0.1144.54860.70.72.228814
735532.38FCarpal tunnel syndromeR carpal tunnel release0.0652.10470.70.71.031303
741472.29FBurn scar contractureL LF PIP burn contracture release and fusion; FTSG; Z plasty L elbow burn scar0.1148.241060.70.74.0381194
753947.62FGanglion cystExcision of R volar wrist ganglion cyst0.0291.380980.70.70.6766802
764244.71MPosttraumatic joint contractureL thumb MCP arthrodesis0.0241.073040.70.70.5257896
774640.85MPosttraumatic joint contractureL long finger PIP joint arthrodesis0.0240.98040.70.70.480396
785730.55FCarpal tunnel syndromeL carpal tunnel release0.0651.985750.70.70.9730175
792363.38MFinger massExcision of L ring finger mass0.0291.838020.70.70.9006298
806226MSkin lesionExcision of L hand skin lesion0.0290.7540.70.70.36946


R = right; L = left; IF= index finger; LF = long finger; RF = ring finger; SF = small finger; PIP = proximal interphalangeal; MCP = metacarpal phalangeal; FPL = flexor pollicis longs; FDS = flexor digitorum superficialis; FDP = flexor digitorum profundus; FCR = flexor carpi radials; FCU = flexor carpi ulnaris; PL = palmaris longus; EPL = extensor pollicis longus; ECRL = extensor carpi radialis longus; ECRB = extensor; carpi radialis brevis; EDC = extensor digitorum communis; FCU = flexor carpi ulnaris; UCL = ulnar collateral ligament; STSG = split thickness skin graft; FTSG = full thickness skin graft; ORIF = open reduction internal fixation.