Plastic Surgery International / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Combined Liposuction and Excision of Lipomas: Long-Term Evaluation of a Large Sample of Patients

Table 1

Summary of patients and lipomas.

PatientAge (years)Lesion diameter (cm)LocationInitial follow-up (weeks)Long-term follow-up (years)

(1) S. R.445 cm; 7 cmRT shoulder; LT flank310

(2) M. S.507 cmLT shoulder110

(3) C. T.555 cmLT arm110

(4) C. K.4010 cmRT back49

(5) G. G.7715 cmUpper back88

(6) A. C.6510 cmRT posterior knee18

(7) P. T.246 cmBack17

(8) H. F.4910 cmUpper back37

(9) A. T.1910 cmRT ankle527

(10) D. S.527 cmRT back47

(11) R. M.467 cmUpper backnone notedN/A

(12) S. A.5410 cmUpper back27

(13) R. T.592 cmRT temple46

(14) A. K.524 cmLT mid back15

(15) A. I.423 cm; 4 cm; 5 cmRT upper back; RT lower back; LT jawline2N/A

(16) C. L.532–5 cm RT lower lateral thigh; RT midlateral thigh; RT upper medial thigh; RT middle medial thigh; RT lower medial thigh; HIP; RT upper buttock; RT lower buttock; RT outer thigh65

(17) N. P.4613 cmUpper back85

(18) C. L.532–5 cmLT buttock; LT infragluteal fold; LT midlateral exterior thigh; LT interior thigh; LT arm65

(19) C. L.532–5 cm LT upper forearm; LT lower forearm; LT inner thigh; LT upper outer thigh; LT medial thigh, LT lower thigh; LT upper anterior thigh; LT medial thigh; LT lower anterior thigh65

(20) L. Q.4210 cmLT lower abdomen125

(21) A. S.5010 cmRT rectal-vaginal55

(22) J. Z.6210 cmRT arm13

(23) S. I.607 cmRT shoulder121

(24) M. A.471.5 cm; 3 cmRT upper elbow; LT groin11

(25) A.D.8015 cmRT upper back41