Table 3: Complications after ADM implementation.

ADMProductComplication Skin necrosisSeromaHaematomaInfectionRecurrence of capsular contractureImplant malpositionImplant loss

BADMTutomesh/RTI Surgical31%112

Complications following ADM implantation for breast reconstruction with type of matrix, product, complications requiring further medical treatment (in %), infection, seroma, haematoma, skin necrosis, recurrence of capsular contracture, implant malposition, implant loss, and Red Breast Syndrome (RBS); HADM: human ADM, PADM: porcine ADM, and BADM: bovine ADM; = excluding occurrence of RBS; = one pat. with skin necrosis + recurrence of capsular contracture in two separate breasts; = not part of complications requiring further medical treatment.