Table 4: Overall complication probabilities for used ADMs.

ADMHADM (Epiflex/DIZG), PADM (Strattice/LifeCell), BADM (Tutomesh/RTI Surgical)
Breasts (total)52
Avg. follow-up time (in months)36 (12–54)
Complications (total)9 (17%)
 Short-term complications
 Skin necrosis2 (4%)
 Seroma1 (2%)
 Haematoma0 (0%)
 Infection2 (4%)
 Long-term complications
 Capsular 3 (6%)
 Implant malposition0 (0%)
 Implant loss1 (2%)

Short-term (skin necrosis, seroma, haematoma, infection, and Red Breast Syndrome (RBS)) and long-term complications (capsular contracture, implant malposition, and implant loss) for all breasts with usage of ADMs (human ADM (HADM), porcine ADM (PADM), bovine ADM (BADM)), median follow-up time for all patients, total complications of all breasts being reconstructed with ADMs; = excluded from overall complications, which required further medical treatment; = >Baker-St. II.