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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 151-160

The Effect of Friction With the Collecting Surface on the Build–Up Mass in the Axial HGMS Configuration

Institute of Technical Physics, Splai Bahlui 47, IASI 6600, Romania

Received 25 January 1995; Accepted 2 March 1995

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The influence of the roughness of a plane collecting surface on the amount of the magnetically intercepted deposit in axial high–gradient magnetic separation configuration was studied. It has been experimentally established that capture surfaces with different levels of roughness, i.e. with different friction coefficients, lead to different build–up capacities. Theoretical description is based on the fact that the condition that the friction force exceeds hydrodynamic drag force, i.e. Ff ≥ Fd is satisfied in a region of the capture surface whose width depends on the friction coefficient.