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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 23-40

A Study of the Conditions of Maximum Filtration Efficiency for a HGMF-Axial Magnetic Filter Cell With Bounded Flow Field

Magnetic Separation Laboratory, Technical Physics Institute, 47 Bd. Mangeron, laşi 6600, Romania

Received 1 February 1996; Revised 20 April 1996

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The theory of magnetic particles′ capture on a HGMF-axial magnetic filter cell with bounded flow field is presented. The equations of particle motion for both potential and laminar flow are obtained. By analytical solving of these equations, the trajectories of particles are established. The flow velocity of the fluid suspension for the case of potential flow is set equal with the velocity averaged across the tube section for the laminar flow. Thus, it is possible to make a comparison between the capture process in laminar and potential flows. The capture time and the capture cross-section are calculated. Finally, a criterion for maximum filtration efficiency is presented.