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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 251-255

Technological Problems of the Processing of Used Automobile Tyres

Institute ''Gipromashugleobogascheniye'', ul. Pyaterkina 30, Lugansk 348000, Ukraine

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This article describes technological research and special equipment for complex processing of used automobile tyres. It was found during the course of the research that the following quantities of materials can be obtained from one tonne of the processed automobile tyres: 600 to 650 kg of rubber powder, 130 to 150 kg of textile, 130 to 140 kg of metal. New magnetic separators are designed to recover metal and its compounds with rubber. Also, highly efficient air vibrating separators have been developed for separation of the textile cord from powder. In the technological testwork, the rubber powder, with particle size ranges: –0.5 mm, –1.0+0.5 mm, –1.8+1.0 mm was obtained. Concentration of the ferromagnetic impurities in the rubber powder does not exceed 0.03%, and of textile 2%. In comparison with other technologies, the main advantage of our technology is lower specific consumption of material for equipment, as well as reduced energy consumption, simplicity of the process, possibility of obtaining fine rubber waste with highly developed surface.