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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 209-220

Some Numerical and Experimental Results on a Magnetic Filtration (HGMF-Transversal) Cell With Bounded Flow Field

Magnetic Separation Laboratory, Technical Physics Institute, 47 Bd. Mangeron, laşi 6600, Romania

Received 18 April 1997; Accepted 3 June 1997

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In this paper we discuss some numerical and experimental results obtained for a magnetic filtration cell with bounded flow field which works in the HGMF-transversal configuration. The numerical results have been obtained by analyzing the particle trajectories in very diluted suspensions, for which the inertia of the particles and the magnetic and hydrodynamic interactions between particles were neglected. The experimental data were obtained by using suspensions of fine particles with magnetic susceptibilities around 5.10-4uSI. Here a comparison between the two categories of results is made for a large range of constructive and operational parameters.