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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 199-211

The Behavior of Dissolved Oxygen in Gas Oil Using High Gradient Magnetic Field

1Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University, 1-1 Tegata Gakuen-cho Akita city, Akita 010-8502, Japan
2Environmental Research Center, Akita University, 1-1-1 Hondo, Akita city, Akita 010, Japan
3Toho Metal Industries Co. Ltd., 4-37-6 Matsusima, Edokawa-ku, Tokyo 132, Japan

Received 30 July 1998; Accepted 6 October 1998

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In recent years, considerable attention is being focused on environmental problems. In the case of gas pollution, exhaust gases from automobiles is an area that needs a solution to keep the environment clean. In order to solve this problem, we have proposed an improvement of combustion efficiency through the control of the dissolved oxygen concentration of gas oil by treatment in a high gradient magnetic field. In this paper, we report the results of a basic study on the control of the dissolved oxygen concentration in a gas oil. Here, the gas oil maintained at different conditions is passed through a low volume percentage of iron particle chains exposed to the magnetic field of 1 T. Determination of the dissolved oxygen concentration of the gas oil exposed to the magnetic field indicated a reduction in the dissolved oxygen concentration.