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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 73-83

The Assessment of the Applicability of a Model of Noninertial Motion of a Particle in a Magnetic Separator

The National Mining Academy of the Ukraine, 19 Karl Marx Prospect, Dnepropetrovsk 3200027, Ukraine

Received 7 August 1998; Revised 5 January 1999; Accepted 15 February 1999

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Using two models, namely the initial differential equation of motion and the reduced equation obtained from the initial one by neglecting the inertial force comparative calculations of the capture cross section of paramagnetic particles by a cylindrical ferromagnetic collector (a wire) were carried out. For various combinations of the particle diameter, the wire diameter, medium flow velocity, strength of the magnetic field, the error in the capture cross section caused by neglecting the inertial force in the equations of motion was determined. Approximate formulae for the determination of this error and of the ratio of the inertial force to the magnetic force as a function of the main separation parameters were proposed.