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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 11, Issue 1-2, Pages 93-105

Development of A Continuous Chamber High-Gradient Magnetic Separator With A Strong Field

1The Mining Academy of the Ukraine, 19 Karl Marx Pr., Dnepropetrovsk 3200027, Ukraine
2Moscow State Mining University, 6 Leninskiy Pr., Moscow 117935, Russia
3Krivoy Rog Technical University, 11 XX Partsiezda St., Krivoy Rog 50027, Ukraine

Received 1 June 2000; Revised 23 July 2001; Accepted 1 August 2001

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High-gradient magnetic separation in a strong field is essentially a periodic process. In canister constructions it consists of separate operations, introduced by the electronic processor, while in rotary constructions the process is continuous. The separators with high capacity are very bulky, heavy and have massive rotors. All this reduces their technical and economic viability. The continuous process of high-gradient of separation in a chambered construction is reviewed. "Magnetic slipping" of feebly magnetic particles on prismatic elements of a matrix in the discharge zone utilized for the first time.