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Physical Separation in Science and Engineering
Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 133-143

The Effect of Roasting Temperature on Ilmenite Particle Rotation Characteristics in a Rotating Magnetic Field

Ka (Pty) Ltd, 14 Station Lane, Exton, Tasmania 7303, Australia

Received 24 March 2003; Accepted 25 April 2003

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Individual ilmenite particle measurements of magnetic susceptibility and magnetic rotation index show that, as ilmenite roast temperatures increase, both the magnetic anisotropy and the coercive force increase. By around 650°C the particles are behaving magnetically, in magnetic fields up to 0.3 T as though they contain magnetic elements with a single unidirectional magnetic axis.The presence of some magnetic field, even that of the earth, during the cooling of ilmenite samples roasted above 500°C may be essential to the magnetising roast process.