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Physical Separation in Science and Engineering
Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 179-187

A Theory for the Separation of Liquid Mixtures by Laser Radiation

Azerbaijan State Oil Research & Project Institute (AzNSETLI), Aga-Neymatullah St. 39, Baku 370033, Azerbaijan

Received 26 September 2003; Revised 20 October 2003

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A theory for the separation of liquid mixtures under the action of electromagnetic waves is developed. The theory considers physical specifications that take place during the separation. It is shown that at certain extreme value of the radiation intensity the maximum of mixture separation could be observed. This extreme value depends on the parameters of falling waves and medium studied. The effect of the liquid convection on the mixture separation is investigated. It is established that convection reduces the separation. Thus, laminar flow is much more preferable for the mixture separation than turbulent one.