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Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 47-49
Case Report

Osteosarcoma Associated With Diamond-Blackfan Anaemia: A Case of a Child Receiving Growth Hormone Therapy

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, Brockley Hill, Stanmore, Middx HA7 4LP, UK

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Purpose: Diamond–Blackfan anaemia (DBA) is a rare pure congenital red cell aplasia, usually presenting in infancy or early childhood. The literature suggests a predisposition to haemopoietic malignancy but in addition solid tumours have been reported, with five cases of osteosarcoma described.

Patient: A sixth case of a 12-year-old girl with DBA who developed an osteosarcoma of the distal femur is presented.

Results: She was treated with methotrexate followed by tumour excision and distal femoral replacement. The patient is currently alive with multiple pulmonary metastases.

Discussion: We discuss the association between the administration of growth hormone and future development of malignancy in patients with DBA.