Figure 2: (a) Correlation of metastatic pattern to tumor size. When the metastatic patterns were stratified according to tumor size (<10 cm or ≥10 cm), there was statistical significance between the groups ( ). Of the 47 cases without metastases, 14 (38%) were larger than 10 cm. The 8 cases with extrapulmonary metastases were all larger than 10 cm. Only 1 case was larger than 10 cm in the pulmonary metastatic group. (b) Correlation of metastatic pattern to histological grade. Histological grading (low or high) had a significant impact on metastasis patterns ( ). Of the 8 cases with extrapulmonary metastases, 4 (50%) were pathologically diagnosed as low-grade MRCL and 4 (50%) as high-grade MRCL. The 3 cases with pulmonary metastatic lesions were all diagnosed as high-grade MRCL.