Figure 1: MNS reduced motility in a dose-dependent manner in the osteosarcoma cell lines. Motility was measured 4 hours after scraping in the presence of the indicated concentrations of MNS, 10 μM of the inactive analogue, or 1% DMSO as a vehicle control. Data are represented as means ± SE of three independent experiments, each with four scrapes per group. Average migration distance for vehicle control groups were 58 μm for TE85 cells, 41 μm for MNNG cells, 60 μm for 143B cells, 26 μm for SAOS-2 cells, and 18 μm for LM7 cells. Asterisks denote differences in motility compared with the vehicle control group (10 μM MNS: TE85 ( ), MNNG ( ), 143B ( ), SAOS-2 ( ), LM7 ( ); 5  M MNS: 143B ( ), SAOS-2 ( )).