Research Article

STAT3 Regulates Proliferation and Immunogenicity of the Ewing Family of Tumors In Vitro

Figure 1

PSTAT3 staining identifies two distinct distribution patterns of PSTAT3 tumour cells in ESFT specimens. (a) Hela cells were cultured in the presence or absence of IL-6 prior to formation of cell pellets for generating lysate or embedding in paraffin following formalin fixation. A phospho-STAT3-specific antibody was used to probe lysates by Western blot or to stain cells by immunohistochemistry, magnification ×200. (b) Representative staining patterns of primary ESFT samples. In the left panel, tumor cells are P-STAT3 negative whereas endothelial cells stained positive for PSTAT3 (acting as an internal positive control, black arrows), magnification ×200.