Table 3: Residents’ rating of characteristics that increase suspicion for malignancy.

General surgery Orthopaedics value

Factors raising suspicion for malignancy
 Largest size tumor that you would be comfortable with excising without a biopsy3.8 (1.7)3.8 (2.1).67
Rate the characteristic that increases suspicion for malignancy*
 Depth of the mass 4.9 (0.9)5.2 (0.9)<.001
 Rate of growth5.3 (1.0)5.6 (0.6)<.001
 Imaging characteristics5.4 (1.0)5.6 (0.6)<.001
 Location of the mass4.9 (0.9)4.9 (1.0).55
 Mobility of the mass4.5 (1.1)4.4 (1.1).24
 Age of the patient4.4 (1.1)4.6 (1.0).01

All data presented as mean (±SD). Options for tumor size were presented as integers ranging from 1 cm to 10 cm.
*Note: scores on the scale ranged from 1 to 6, with 1 indicating “Strongly Disagree” and 6 indicating “Strongly Agree.”