Table 1

 Female 12, male 15
 Ewing's sarcoma9
 Synovial sarcoma1
 Malignant fibrous histiocytoma 1
 Metastasis-renal cell carcinoma2
 Metastasis-invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast1
 Metastasis-thyroid cancer1
Tumor stage (Enneking)
 IV (metastasis)4
Grading (for primary tumors)
Neoadjuvant therapy
 Radiotherapy + polychemotherapy1
Adjuvant therapy
 Radiotherapy + polychemotherapy4
Resection type (according to Enneking)
Regression after neoadjuvant treatment available for 4 osteosarcoma and 7 Ewing's sarcomas according to Salzer-Kuntschik
 Grade 12
 Grade 33
 Grade 44
 Grade 52
Surgical margins
Oncological outcome
 No evidence of disease (NED)15
 Alive with disease (AWD)5
 Died of disease (DOD)7