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Erratum to “Desmoid Fibromatosis in Pediatric Patients: Management Based on a Retrospective Analysis of 59 Patients and a Review of the Literature”

Table 3

Efficacy of 61 chemotherapy regimens in 32 patients with measurable disease during first or any subsequent line of therapy.

CRPROverall response (%)SDPDUnknown response (%)

VA611 (17%)5
IVA13314 (30%) 9
VAC and tamoxifen11
Vinblastine-MTX1477 (50%)511
Vinblastine-MTX-tamoxifen733 (43%)31
Doxorubicin with other agents*522 (40%)3
Imatinib mesylate22
Others+1022 (20%)17

Total6131619 (31%)27 (44%)12 (20%)3 (5%)

VA: vincristine and dactinomycin; IVA: ifosfamide, vincristine and dactinomycin; VAC: vincristine, dactinomycin, and cyclophosphamide; MTX: methotrexate. : number of patients; CR: complete response; PR: partial response; SD: stable disease; PD: progressive disease.
*Doxorubicin with vincristine, cisplatin, ifosfamide, cyclophosphamide, or tamoxifen.
+Others: VINCAEPI (vincristine, carboplatin, and VM 26), MMT95 protocol (IVA, etoposide, epirubicin, and carboplatin), dactinomycin alone, etoposide-ifosfamide, etoposide alone, and carboplatin.