Table 3: Analysis of separate questions on the RAND-36 physical functioning subscale.

Patient-reported scoreSurgeon-predicted scorePatients versus median surgeonIntersurgeon agreement
“Yes, limited a lot”“Yes, limited a little”“No, not limited at all”“Yes, limited a lot”“Yes, limited a little”“No, not limited at all”Percent agreementPercent of cases underestimatedPercent of cases overestimatedAC1Percent agreement AC1

Vigorous activities1463148160.9%26.1%13.0%0.4770.0% 0.60
Moderate activities0716016760.9%39.1%0%0.4866.5% 0.55
Lifting or carrying groceries2714091465.2%13.0%21.7%0.5350.4% 0.32
Climbing several flights of stairs21011416339.1%47.8%13.0%0.1544.3% 0.20
Climbing one flight of stairs1418091452.2%30.4%17.4%0.3952.2% 0.35
Bending, kneeling, or stooping6134016752.2%4.3%43.5%0.3549.1% 0.28
Walking more than a mile5612117543.4%34.8%21.7%0.1954.3% 0.36
Walking several blocks14180101352.2%34.8%13.0%0.3850.9% 0.33
Walking one block1121022182.6%8.7%8.7%0.8167.8% 0.61
Bathing or dressing yourself0122041978.3%17.4%4.3%0.7660.0% 0.50