Table 2: Comparison of published reports detailing characteristics of patients with brain metastases from Ewing’s sarcoma.

Case authorAge, sex Primary sitePrimary treatmentIB MoMetastatic siteMetastatic treatmentOS MoSpecial aspects

Baid et al., 1992 [31] 8 MLeft thighRT
1Right sellar and parasellar regionWBRTNRNo response of local disease to chemotherapy
Mineura et al., 1989 [147]5 FAxillaSR
5Right occipital regionSR, WBRT,
C, I
0Suppression of blood flow, metabolism of grey matter adjacent to BM
Capitini et al., 2009 [34]26 MLeft lateral femurRT
3Left parietal and right occipital SR, WBRT, GKSRS10Developed GVHD after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant
Simpson et al., 1989 [32]21 MRight 6th and 7th ribSR
24Left parietal cortexSR, WBRT 2bInitial sarcoma misdiagnosed as costochondritis,
Parasuraman et al., 1999 [35] = 11
5–15, M (5)
Pelvis (4), humerus, scapula, tibia, vertebrae (2)RT
12–54Parietal (4), frontal (5), temporalRT, S, chemotherapy3Pediatric case series
Turgut et al., 1994 [36]22 MSacroiliac jointSR chemotherapy24Temporal lobe, parietal RT8No active lesion within primary, BM occurred 24 months s/p treatment
Kies and Kennedy, 1978 [37] = 3
NRRT, chemo NRMultipleWBRT3Retrospective analysis of 134 patients with Ewing sarcoma. Found 3 BM
Olivi et al., 1991 [30]30 FRibSR. RT, chemo48Right posterior frontal WBRT, S, E, Df
C, D
19bPancytopenias, and Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.
Chou et al., 2011 [4] = 2
17–33; M (1)
NRRT, chemoNRMultiplePalliativeNRRespiratory failure, neuropenian, pneumonia
Salvati et al., 2010, 1998 [2, 9] =5
19–55, M (4)
Femur (2), sacrum, tibia, ulnaRT, chemo1–13Multiple (2), occipital, frontal, parietalWBRT/unspecifiedNRRetrospective analysis of 35 cases of supratentorial brain metastases
Paulino et al., 2003 [17] = 6
18–20, M
Scapula (2), rib, femur, humerus, pelvisRT, chemo0–8Multiple (2), frontal, parietal, temporal (2)WBRT + chemo (5), palliative1.5–91 death due to BM
Ogose et al., 1999 [33] = 2
17–44, M (1)
Thigh, buttockRT, chemo3-4Right temporal, occipitalConservative1–6
Bindal et al., 1994 [38] = 4
7–58, M (3)
Tibia, femur, thigh, chest wallNR29–115Multiple (3), frontalS (3),WBRTNR
Flannery et al., 2010 [15]33 FPelvisRT, chemo96MultipleS,WBRT,GKSRS24
Bouffet et al., 1997 [16]17 MNRRT, chemo11MultipleRT2Patient expired secondary to BM

IB: interval to brain metastasis (mo); OS: overall survival in months; M: male; F: female; chemo: chemotherapy; SR: surgical resection; GKSRS: Gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery. GVHD, graft versus host disease; ICH: intracerebral hemorrhage on presentation; WBRT: whole brain radiotherapy; RT: radiotherapy; D: death; NED: no evidence of disease; NR: not reported; NF: associated with neurofibromatosis type-1; abrain metastasis at initial presentation; balive at last follow-up without recurrence.