Table 4: Comparison of published reports detailing characteristics of patients with brain metastases from fibroblastic and fibrohistiocytic tumors.

Case authorAge, sex Tumor type; primary sitePrimary treatmentIB MoMetastatic siteMetastatic treatmentOS MoSpecial aspects/
Bone versus soft tissue origin

Wu et al., 2012 [59]32 FMFH; maxillary sinusSR (radical); RT24Right parietalSR; WBRT25Origin: softtissue

Graber et al., 2011 [60]56 MMFH; aortaRT; chemo 0aMultipleBiopsy?Cystic brain lesion; mimics neurocysticercosis
Origin: softtissue (aorta)

Louis et al., 2007 [58]38 MMFH; mandibleSR; RT12Extensive, unspecifiedaNone12MFH associated w/a Marjolin’s ulcer
Origin: bone

Kousar et al., 2009 [70]20 FAFS; mandibleSR; RT6MultipleNone15Origin: odontic = bone

Hoshi et al., 2008 [63]45 MMFH; forearmSR; RT; chemo48Multiple, parietal, and occipitalChemo, WBRT60Previous lung/bone metastasis at 3 yrs; SC metastasis at 5 yrs
Origin: softtissue

Erguvan-Önal et al., 2004 [71]45 FFS; thighSR; RT2Right frontalSR7Epitheloid transformation;
Origin: softtissue

Rogers and Whelan, 2000 [64] = 4
40–54, M (2)
MFH; humerus, femur, knee, pelvisChemo; RT4–148Multiple (2), single (2)RT (2), none (2)7–153Previous systemic metastasis in all
Origin: bone

Ogose et al., 1999 [33] = 5
40–66, M (2)
Thigh (3), backNR0–10Frontal (3), parietal, temporal None (2), SR (2)0.5–16Origin: unknown

Salvati et al., 2010 [2] = 2
21–30, M
MFH; heart, heartRT, chemo19–21FrontalSR9–11Origin: soft tissuee

I. A. Auer and R. N. Auer, 1998 [72]43 MDFS; abdomenNR72Tempro-parietalSR144Brain recurrence at 144; prior skin, lung metastasis

Kim et al., 1997 [69]18 FMFS; heartSR, RT, chemo24Occipital, cerebellum SR, WBRT50Origin: softtissue

Jeffery and Ford, 1995 [67]67 FFS; abdominal wallSR60Right parietal lobeNone61ICH; previous bone metastasis; origin: sof-tissue

Onoda et al., 1990 [73]45 MDFS; upper armSR76Multiplenone84Lungs, skin

Wroński et al., 1995 [5] = 3
28–67, M (2)
MFH; scalp, thigh, pul.a.NR3–27Occipital, parietal, posterior fossaSR10.2b–65bLungs

Bindal et al., 1994 [38] = 3
25–40, M (2)
MFH; trunk, heart, shoulder12–2218Right parietal, multiple (2)SR, WBRT2.3b–11.8bPrev lungs

Lewis, 1988 [66]36–53, MDFS; clavicular; MFH, scapularSR; RT, chemo36–312MultipleSR; nonec313, LTFOrigin: softtissue

Takamiya et al., 1986 [65]43 MFS; pectoralis majorSR1Right frontoparietal SR, RT, WBRTAlive at 13Origin: sof-tissue

Zucker et al., 1978 [61]42 FFS; liver?None24Ponsnone24Origin: softtissue

Dal Canto and Valsamis, 1973 [62]60 FFS; renal capsuleNone0PonsNone0Origin: softtissue

Gercovich et al., 1975 [42] = 2
31–52 M
FS; lip, retroperitonealChemo3–55Frontal, parietalNRNROrigin: softtissue

Ho, 1979 [68]70 FFS; thighSR (partial)12Leptomeninges, corticalNonecNROrigin: softtissue

AFS: ameloblastic fibrosarcoma; FS: fibrosarcoma; DFS: dermatofibrosarcoma; IB: interval to brain metastasis (mo); OS: overall survival in months; M: male; F: female; chemo: chemotherapy; GKSRS: Gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery; MFS: myxofibrosarcoma; ICH: intracerebral hemorrhage on presentation; SR: surgical resection; WBRT: whole brain radiotherapy; RT: radiotherapy; D: death prior to treatment; LTF: lost to follow-up; MFH: malignant fibrous histiocytoma (undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma); NR: not reported.
aBrain metastasis diagnosed at presentation; bsurvival after craniotomy; cbrain metastasis reported at autopsy.