Table 4: Cost estimates used in the model.

EstimateCosts, Reference

Medications unit costs
 Pazopanib, 200 mg tablet
  (no discount)
18.68British National Formulary [32]
 Pazopanib, 200 mg tablet
 (with discount)
 Trabectedin (per mg)a1,366
 Ifosfamide (per mg)0.04
 Gemcitabine (per mg)0.14
 Docetaxel (per mg)5.14
 Lenograstim (per mg)238
 Mesna (per mg)0.010

Total costs of poststudy chemotherapy
 Placebo11,493PALETTE, British National Formulary [32]

 Pazopanibb8,531NHS 2010-2011 Reference Costs [35]

 Pazopanib12.00NHS 2010-2011 Reference Costs [35]
 Ifosfamide 331.49
 Gemcitabine plus docetaxel204.68

Management costsc
 Preprogression monthly
92Judson et al. 2007 [36]
 Postprogression monthly

Costs are capped after five cycles; bpoststudy costs are assumed to be the same for pazopanib, ifosfamide, trabectedin, and gemcitabine + docetaxel in the indirect comparison; ccosts are updated to 2010/11 prices; preprogression costs are assumed to be half of postprogression costs.