Table 1: International Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis criteria for overt DIC.

Laboratory testResultScore*

Platelet count (×103/L)>1000
>50 but <1001

Increase in fibrinogen degradation products (FDP)None0

Prolongation of prothrombin time (PT) over upper limit normal (s)<30
>3 but <5.91

Fibrinogen level (g/dL)≥10

 *Scores ≥5 compatible with overt DIC.
@A level of <0.5 μg/mL (the upper limit of normal of the D-dimer assay in this study) was considered normal, a level between 0.5 and 5.0 μg/mL was considered moderately increased, and a level of >5.0 μg/mL was considered strongly increased.